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USNA Parents' Club of Northern Illinois

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OUR MISSION: To Welcome All Parents Of Midshipmen.


1. Our organization is dedicated to the support of Parents of Midshipmen and Graduates of the United States Naval Academy.

2. Our club activities encourage the building of friendships for parents and families of midshipmen in an effort to help better understand and support our sons and daughters, experience the challenges and opportunities that go along with their roles as Midshipmen and future Naval and Marine Corps officers.

3. The Club is dedicated to the support of the Midshipmen and their families.

4. We encourage communication and organize events focused on the Midshipmen throughout the year.

5. The club promotes USNA ideals in the Northern Illinois area by providing a public forum for members and midshipmen to project their image into the community at local meetings and events.

6. We provide a link between the Academy on the shore of Chesapeake Bay and our Northern Illinois Community, providing information and support for all members.

Please join us by contacting one of our Club Officers.

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Download the 2017 Plebe Parent Handbook

United States Naval Academy Parents` Club of Northern Illinois

Save the Date: March 22nd, 2014 is the Dark Ages Party. Details on the Calendar.